Our firm began to produce  marble (breaking, cutting, grinding) machine in 1984, beginning from 1986 the grinding plant has been established and started to produce filling up materials for differnt kinds of industries. The plant carries on activities with the name of Şahin Mineral San ve Tic Ltd. Şti. which it took in 1994.




Şahin Mineral Plant is located 15.000 m2 open and 4.000 m2 closed area in Çukurhisar –Eskişehir with a 75.000 ton annual capacity nearly. Our factory produces raw materials with greatest technology for major industries especially ceramic, gypsum plaster and for different kinds of inddustries. Our firm which follows thecnological developments always gets stronger day by day by  customer satisfaction principle.




Espacially,  calcite, dolamite, magnesite, talc, kaolinite and clay that are used for ceramic and gypsum plaster making, are our major inputs and are produced with hammer mills and pendulum ball mills to the different physical and chemical features and various disintegration particle dimensions  according to customer requests.





Şahin Mineral is still getting active in assorted cities with licenced fields  given by Turkish government. Şahin Mineral enterprises for new investments and today  has become a great company which provides a high quality in raw materials in mineral industry.





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